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 Emerson High School 

 Emerson-Taylor-Bradley School District

LEA 1408002
(870) 626-3305


School District Emerson-Taylor-Bradley School District - 1408000
Grades Served 7 - 12
Enrollment 139
School Hours 8:00 AM - 3:05 PM
Before School Program  NO
After School Program  YES
Weekend Program  NO
Summer Program  YES
Breakfast Program
(No cost to students)
Lunch Program
(No cost to students)
Academic Programs Concurrent Courses
Enrichment Programs GT
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County Columbia
Congressional District Arkansas's 4th Congressional District
Co-op South Central Service Co-Op - 5220000
Representatives Representative Lane Jean - 2
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd - 6
Senators Senator Charles Beckham - 12
School Board Members No data

212 Grayson Street
Emerson, AR 71740

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College Going Rate N/A
District Per Pupil Expenditures $0.00
Graduation Rate N/A
Student to Teacher Ratio 5 : 1
Average Class Size 10
English Learners 0%
Low Income 53%
Average Years Teaching Experience 7.83
Students Eligible to Receive Special Education 8%

2020 - 2021 • Accountability At-a-Glance • Emerson High School

Contact Information
Emerson High School | Emerson-Taylor-Bradley School District
Principal: Thomas Watson | Superintendent: David Downs
212 Grayson Street Emerson, AR 71740- | (870) 626-3305
Student Information
Grades 7 - 12 Total Enrollment 139
Black 22.30% English Learners 0.00%
Hispanic 4.32% Economically Disadvantaged 53.24%
White 67.63% Students with Disabilities 7.91%

The Public School Rating System (A.C.A. § 6-15-2105) was suspended for the 2020-2021 school year by Act 89 of 2021

School Performance • ESSA School Index Score 2021

ESSA School Index Score All Students
Unadjusted ESSA School Index Score All Students
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*To ensure stakeholders can draw reasonable conclusions about school performance, two scores are reported for all students and subgroups of students. This promotes increased transparency and ensures the information on performance is meaningful and comparable as required by Section 1111(c)(4)(E)(ii) of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Two scores reported (If both scores are equal the school tested 95% or more students):

  • Adjusted ESSA School Index score: The Annual ESSA School Index Score follows the approved ESSA Business Rules.
  • Unadjusted ESSA School Index score: This score reflects school performance for full academic year students that were tested regardless of whether 95% of students tested. Please see percent tested below. These data should only be used to facilitate discussions regarding the impact of COVID-19.

**State Average of ESSA School Index Scores for Grade Span.

Economically Disadvantaged
Students with Disabilities
ELA % Tested Math % Tested ELA % Tested Math % Tested
All Students 99.07% 99.07%
Black / African American 100.00% 100.00% English Learners RV*** RV***
Hispanic / Latino RV*** RV*** Economically Disadvantaged 100.00% 100.00%
White 98.59% 98.59% Students with Disabilities 100.00% 100.00%
***RV = Restricted Value for sub-pops size < 10
Prepared by the Arkansas Department of Education: Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
School Report Card
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ESSA School Index
ESSA Business Rules

Discipline - Act 1015 of 2017