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2020 Accountability Reporting and Impact of COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on 2020 State and Federal Accountability and Reporting

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Data Privacy/Suppression Rules


Data Privacy/Suppression Rules


Local Education Agency (LEA) Information and School Status Definitions

General FAQ


Definitions regarding student demographics, enrollment, special programs, retention and discpline

Students FAQ


Millage, property values, expenditures, and other revenue definitions

Finance FAQ


Classified staff, licensed staff, teachers, and licensed salary schedule definitions

Personnel FAQ

Achievement (2016-2021)

Note: The Achievement data sets include ACT Aspire, and alternate assessment results. Data displayed for latest school year section is Pre-Appeals in nature until September 30.

Achievement (2016-2021) FAQ

Percent Tested (2016-2021)

Note: The Percent Tested data sets include ACT Aspire, and alternate assessment results.

Percent Tested (2016-2021) FAQ

Growth (2016-2020)

Value-added growth scores

Growth (2016-2020) FAQ

ELP is English Learner Progress toward English language proficiency using data from the ELPA21 Assessment. English Learner Progress is proportionately weighted in the school growth score (that includes English Language Arts and math) depending on the percentage of students with ELP growth.


The ACT assessment definitions



The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assessment definitions


Act 1015 Discipline Reporting

Act 1015 Discipline Reporting FAQ

Annual Statistical Reports

Annual Statistical Reports FAQ